Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Glorious First Day of Spring!

The first Day of Spring in New England and it was 70 degrees outside!! WOW! Hubby and I both had to work in the morning but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying the gorgeous weather. I had found a place in Newington, NH called Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge. There were hiking trails there, so after we both got out of work around 1pm, Hubby and I headed up there. We were worried about the trails being washed out because of the flooding, but the smaller trail started off with lots of wooden walkways. We were awestruck by some of the destruction from the wind storms.
And then we found the mud!
But the paths were all passable. At the apex of the loop, there was a nice wooden platform where you could look out at Great Bay.
Hubby looks out through the binoculours.
I enjoyed the bench!
We actually both enjoyed the bench.
After we left the Wildlife Sanctuary (where, BTW, we saw NO wildlife), we went into Portsmouth and stopped at Prescott Park. It was nice to sit on a bench and look out at the ocean. We drove from there down the coast along Route 1 - beautiful scenery and beautiful houses. We stopped at one of the State Parks.
I couldn't resist taking pictures of a very sweet little girl who was enjoying the beach at dusk.
We finally ended out at our favorite Seafood Place, Brown's in Seabrook, NH. We knew it would be crowded, but at 7 pm the line was around the block! The place was packed with very happy people who had spent the first really nice day in New England at the beach and had now settled down for some seriously good seafood. The wait was worth it. Their scallops are sublime.


The Boob Nazi said...

I wish it had been 70 degrees here....

tag vennard said...

a) Great Bay is a POND
b) we saw some Mergansers
c) Brown's haddock is also sublime
d) thank you for a lovely day, I love you!