Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phase One is Complete!

Phase One of our Living-room Makeover Project is complete. That is....fixing up the walls and painting them. We spent the whole day Saturday working on it, telling ourselves that if we worked hard and finished, we'd be able to relax on Sunday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There is ALWAYS more to do! We had to finish edges, and then repaint where we messed up. Then we decided to change all the outlets and plugs so they'd be clean and new. That entailed a trip to Home Depot in the driving rain. Then Hubby decided to paint the door, on BOTH sides. So for the whole weekend our living room furniture looked like this.
When we finally finished, we spent another hour or so cleaning up, vacuuming and wiping the dust off everything.
Finally, we were able to sit down and enjoy our new walls.
We are taking a weekend off- we're too busy next weekend- and then we'll put in our new wood floor the following weekend.
Let me just say I have the most wonderful Hubby in the whole world. He worked like a dog beside me every step of the way. He even went grocery shopping with me Sunday night when we were too tired to move. The man deserves a medal!


Anonymous said...

It looks GREAT! Pink? Salmon?

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Lookin' Good!

Thank goodness for helpful hubbies!

The Boob Nazi said...

Nice colors!