Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living Room Make-over

So even though it was the very nicest weekend we've had in months, we began our living room make-over.
It was supposed to be just replacing the living room floor. Our condo has the original 1970's blue wall-to-wall indoor-outdoor carpeting. Added to it is lots of cat puke and many spots where said cat has clawed little tufts into the rug.
I don't like doing things half-way, so I decided we needed laminate wood flooring.
But of course, you can't just do the floors. You have to paint the walls too, right?
Problem is, the wall under our window was a mess. Either rain is seeping in through the bricks outside, or maybe it's just the cold or something, but the wall was cracked in some spots and bumpy in others.
Enter "Demo-man" .....aka Hubby.

He gave me a heart attack by ripping out much more than I had anticipated. But he was right. We're doing it the right way and it's going to look great.

When we're done, I'll be happy like this.......for real.


Me (aka Danielle) said...

So fun! A renovate can be so much work, but so worth it! Can't wait to see the end product!

Anonymous said...

You look so happy, though! And your husband is right...doing it right is the way to go.

Colleen said... look soo pretty! It will ALL be worth it in the end :-)