Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What A Decision!

Hubby and I are finally at the point in our living room makeover where it was time to pick out our flooring. If I thought picking wall paint colors was stressful, picking the floor was so much harder! For one thing, the walls are paint....easy to change if we decide we don't like it. The floor is permanent........forever! Plus, the walls cost like $70 total including all the crap we needed in addition to the paint....rollers, brushes, etc. The Floor was $500. 'nuff said. So we went to Home Depot and to Lowe's to compare prices and products. We ended out at Lowe's because they had a better selection plus the Pergo was 15% off. We bought two floor samples (YES! bought them! You'd think if you're going to spend $500 on a floor they could give you the friggin' scraps!) Anyhow.......we brought them home and tried to see if they matched with the wall AND with the kitchen floor since they are adjacent. The one on the left - Natural Oak - was too grayish looking and dull. The one on the right - Newland Oak - was too reddish. So we went back to Lowe's to try again. We ended out ditching the Oak and going with Beech!
We thought it was brighter, richer and matched better than the other two. We hauled home our treasure and stacked it in the soon-to-be-renovated living room.
My son Nick is coming over on Saturday to help us install it. Our plan is to spend Friday night ripping up the rug and using the shop-vac to get the floor ready for when Nick shows up on Saturday morning. With lots of luck and hard work we're hoping to get it done by Saturday night.
I'll post photos.

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Kaye said...

One thing I like about Lowe's is that they give a 10% discount to veterans. Year round in the one near us anyway. Hubby heard about it from his vet group. It seems it is nothing that they advertise.