Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Finally Took the Plunge!

Hubby has been debating for months about getting his hair cut. He's always liked long hair. He's one of the original hippies and as we all know, hippies never die. Last time he talked about getting it cut, I made the mistake of saying that the longer hair made him look younger. That's all he needed to make him change his mind. (For the record, I like his hair both ways, so it was totally his decision on what to do about cutting it.) He finally decided that the long hair was bothering him....getting in the way when he tried to do things. The problem is.........his forehead has gotten higher, especially on the sides, and a regular part-on-the-side man's haircut would have accentuated the problem. He did finally go and talkto the hairstylist and came back with a very acceptable middle ground. Here's the before pictures: (please excuse the haziness of the pictures. Apparently a certain grandson had his fingers all over the lens.)
And here's the after pictures:
And Hubby had the girl put his ponytail into a bag so he can donate it to Locks for Love. Isn't he a handsome hubby?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a thumbs up on the cut! Very flattering. My hus had long hair for much of our young lives...his career on air made it impossible for that to continue, but I still have the pictures!