Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And around and around and around we go.

The rain has finally stopped. But the rising rivers have not. Even though we woke up to bright sunshine this morning (Thank God!!), the rivers have not crested yet.
Hubby called me this morning to tell me not to go my usual way to work.....the road had been closed.
I couldn't got the one back way I knew of...the road was closed. And I couldn't go round the other way....the road was closed.
So I had to get onto the highway. Lucky for me, the road leading to the highway was open....even though I had to go through two very, very deep and huge puddles. I heard that later on in the day....that road was closed. We questioned customers all day as to the status of the roads. More roads were being closed rather than re-opened.
So on the way home, I went back onto the highway, this time not using that same road that led to the highway. I got home safely and in good time.
Not so much my co-worker. She carefully figured out a maze of backroads she thought she could take to get home. She called me 45 minutes after the office had closed to tell me she was still sitting on one of the side roads waiting for traffic.....because everyone else had taken the same way home.