Sunday, February 14, 2010

What A Gig!

Hubby and I do the "open-mic" circuit. He's a musician....I'm a wanna be musician, and at open mics you get to get up and sing a couple of songs. A lot of people sing their own original stuff. Last night, we were the "feature" at the Boulder Coffeehouse Open Mic. The feature is the main attraction and you get to play a much longer time - in this case we had an hour. Hubby and I have been practicing for a month or so now. He wrote 9 or 10 original songs. He invited his cousin, Ricky and his almost-cousin Scot to help us out. Scot plays bass guitar and Ricky plays drums. In this case, Ricky got new bongos for Christmas so he chose to play those. We had a lot of fun practicing with them. We went to Scot's house one night to practice and his lovely wife Laurie made us a delicious meatloaf dinner. Then we went to Ricky's house another night and his lovely wife Laurie (yes, same name) made us lasagna. Oh...and by the way......we also practiced. Last night was the big night. Since we hadn't been able to have the two couples to our house for dinner, we met early and treated them to Boston Market, which is in the same town as the open mic. The Boston Market was Hubby's idea...and I thought it would be lame (not exactly a classy restaurant) but it was fun and everyone loved it. We got to the venue about 6:30 for a "sound check". It was nerve-wracking to sit through the other open mic-ers, and then the special guest. She got a half-hour as the special guest and was funny and witty.......a tough act for us to follow. We had some friendly and smiling faces in the audience. Both Scot and Ricky brought along some friends. But even more exciting was a group of other open mic-ers who had come to see us! And we rocked it. We had a blast....the audience seemed to love it.......and so much fun was had by all. We got all kinds of accolades from everyone in the audience, and it was gratifying to hear that sweet sound of cheering and applause at the end of each song. We even got a "standing O". Many thanks to Ricky and Laurie and Scot and well as to everyone else that came out to hear us play. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

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The Boob Nazi said...

You were the feature? That sounds intense!