Saturday, February 20, 2010

My cell phone is dying to get lost!

Scenario #1 Yesterday as I was leaving work, before I exited the building, I turned my cell phone on and put it back in my pocketbook. As we walked out the door, I heard the signal indicating I had a voice message. So I got into my car, put my purse and bag on the passenger seat, started up the car, and went into my purse to get my phone so I could check the message. The phone was gone. I looked everywhere. In all the pockets of my purse (even the zipped ones), on the seat, under the seat. I opened the car door and checked the ground. I went around the car and opened the passenger door and checked over, under and around the passenger seat. No phone. I walked back to the door of the building and checked the ground. No phone. I can't go back into the building after I've left it without calling the alarm company and letting them know an authorized person is re-entering the building. And since I had no know. So I resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to be without my phone for the night. As I was leaving the parking lot, my co-worker was standing beside her car and stopped me to ask what was wrong. I told her, and she got the bright idea to call my phone from her phone to see if we could hear it ringing. Sure 'nuff, we could hear it ringing. After searching around we discovered it in the pocket of the door of the passenger side of the car. Go figure. Scenario #2 Today Hubby and I went to the beach. The weather was just too springlike not to. I tucked my phone into the little mini-pocket in the front of my jeans. You know the little pocket kind of.... but not really inside........ the big pocket? Halfway down the beach I decided I'd like to feel the sand in my toes, so I took my shoes and socks off. Two minutes later, when I could no longer feel my legs from the knees down, I sat on the ground and put my shoes and socks back on. We walked further down the beach. On the way back Hubby suddenly says, "Hey, that looks like your phone." Sure 'nuff, there was my phone sitting pretty as you please on the sand.....thankfully beyond the reach of the waves. Go figure.

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

Wow! I'm pretty sure your right about that..that phone wants out! Maybe you should add a new phone to your next wish list!