Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stuff and Such

The wind is blowing like a hurricane outside and it's been pouring.....not just raining......outside for the past two days. Time to build an ark! Finally got my car in to get my recall done. Now I can send in my receipts and the 47 other pieces of info that Hyundai wanted and get my $700 reimbursement for the work we had done 2 years ago. I totally forgot about getting my car into the garage yesterday. My co-worker was kind enough to say she'd give me a ride from the garage to work (which is literally across the street but note the aforementioned monsoon). She came in to work ten minutes before opening...screaming like a banshee......"What are you doing here???? What about your car????" She literaly dragged me out of the office and we got my car over to the garage and got back to work in time to punch in on time. Speaking of work......still having the same problems with the previously described PITA in our office. Everyone there has great, big tire marks down their backs from her throwing us under the bus. The good news.....I've overheard several of her multitude of personal calls and I believe she may be going to interview for a different job. I'm praying for it! Survivor update - what the hell??? How could they vote out Randy and keep Parvati? Those Villains aren't quite as smart as they like to think they are.


The Boob Nazi said...

I miss pouring rain! I'm jealous.

Colleen said...

Dontcha hate red tape?? Geesh - just fix the darn cars and give us the money..Sorry! But try to have a great week-end..and stay dry!