Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My head is going to explode

There should be a law against too much training or too many meetings in one day. I started the morning by going to a different district office......a 1/2 hour early.....to do a training on how to make phone calls. Yes....we are going to reach out and "touch our members". Hmmm....that didn't sound right, did it? The idea is that in this age of technology, we should try to continue the personal touch with our customers to keep up our retention rate of 92%. Which means that each Member Services Counselor will get a list of new members, and we have to call them (5-10 each PER DAY) and ask how our service has been so far. We are supposed to do this in our free time. uh-huh. I got to work about 9:30 and found out our "trainer" was coming in to do training on privacy. They are pushing a huge new privacy policy, so she gave us each a one-hour training on that. Then she went over credit card applications with us....another half hour. And tonight was our annual meeting. After a meal of dried chicken, all the "mucky-mucks" got up to give us their state-of-the-company address. The aforementioned "reach out and touch a member" policy was explained. And they gave out the award for the office of the year. We came in second. We did not get a silver medal. I have too much information in my head and its going to just start leaking out of my ears.


The Boob Nazi said...

I hate when you have to learn things you already know.

Colleen said...

Oh I hate meetings! Just remember, work is only a part of our life..leave it and live the rest each day..hopefully I can take my own advice..

Debbie said...

Be sure and use lots of hand sanitizer after all that member touching:)