Friday, July 31, 2009


You have to sing the title of this post to that old song "Anticipation". Remember? They used it for the ketchup commercial? "Anticipa-ation is making me wait.....making me wai-a-a-a-a-ait." But yea....I AM procrastinating. It's my half-day off and I should be doing all the wifely things......housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. But I. Don't. Feel. Like. It. Seriously, I will get up and do them. Just as soon as I read, and comment upon, all the back posts of all the blogs I follow. And check my email. And look at my online banking. etc, etc. etc. Actually, I'd like to do some updates from previous posts: * I do love my new red purse. I feel very fancy with it. * I take off my pants at lunch because the cat sheds like a son-of-a-gun and if I sit on any piece of furniture in the house, I'll go back to work with cat hair stuck to my butt. * Yea, the cat's still puking. In fact, I smelled something in the bedroom for the past few days and couldn't find anything......until I looked under the bed today. * My mom finally came home from rehab yesterday. 7 weeks in the hospital and rehab. The woman deserves a medal. * The computer situation is better at work. Not perfect yet, but better. Good thing too. It didnt' take people long to find out we were there.....the place has been busy the past few days. * We've actually had a few days of sunny, hot weather. Today......rain. I'm pretty sure it's because I planned a BBQ for tonight. * The upstairs neighbors have turned out to be not so bad. It definitely is college exchange students working for our local amusement park. But they've been fairly quiet. And we have the AC on at night in our bedroom so that drowns out a lot of sound. * Daughter went to the All-Star game. She did get some playing time, but disappointingly did not get a pass thrown to her! She was the kick-returner though and did get her hands on the ball and got some yardage. It was the experience that counted....and she had fun. I hope that brings everyone up to date ..... any questions......comment!

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tag vennard said...

hi hunny
I think you should revisit your 5th grade grammar class because!
i love you