Friday, July 10, 2009

The Girl Goes Crazy

This is the first week I've worked 40 hours. Yesterday was my 1/2 day .....because I have to work 4 hours on Saturday. I really hate the thought of spending my weekends doing mundane household chores, so I planned on doing them yesterday. It's unbelievable what can be packed into one day. Somehow, when I was home a lot more, I found ways to waste my time and got nothing done. Yesterday I did this: * Cleaned the house from top to bottom. Bathroom, kitchen, dusted, vaccumed (is it 2 "c's" and one "u" or the other way around?). Not just cleaned the kitchen, but scrubbed the appliances, etc. Not just dusted but moved things. * Did four loads of laundry. * Went grocery shopping. * Bought some new work clothes. * Went to a certain store and bought/made my mother's birthday gift. (I will have to show you what I made later.....I don't want to give up the surprise.) * Bought birthday cards. * Made a casserole for my son's visit tonight. * Made a birthday cake for my son's visit tonight. * Cleaned out the fridge. What the heck was I doing? Where did I get the energy? Part of it could be that THE SUN IS OUT! Yes!! Did you hear that? The sun is out in New England today. All is well with the world.


tag vennard said...

hey baby
thanks for taking care of your chubby hubby, and hiding the vacuum cleaner from me!( it is 2 u's!) Thanks for spoiling me rotten! I love you!

SO said...

Can I get some of that energy. Just put it in he mail and send it my way for next week! Thanks!