Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop the World....I want to get off!

How can it be five days since I've blogged? What's been going on? Let's see.......... My Mom - after being in the hospital for five weeks, she made a false start into rehab, sent back to the hospital for another week and now is back in rehab. She's making progress. Hubby's Mom the hospital! She has diabetes and has sores on her feet and they are cleaning her up with surgery and IV antibiotics......sounds chillingly familiar, don't it???? My Job........our new office isnt' open yet. We were hoping for the got changed to the 20th....and I was told today it won't open on Monday....maybe Tuesday. In the meantime......I have been vagabonding around to other offices. The blush is off the rose now, people! It was fun for a week or it's just aggravating. I will be going full-time starting next week, but I've been working about 36 hours the past few weeks, which is pretty darn close to full time and I can feel the difference. Not as much time for mundane things like housecleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. Hubby and I did go out and get baby Emily's birthday gift. We got her a (shhhhhhhh!) slide! But don't tell her, okay? We are bringing it over to her tomorrow night. I promise pictures and perhaps a video or two.

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tag vennard said...

Don't Emily and Noah look cute on her new slide?
love ya