Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Fourth of July?

I guess we kind of skipped Fourth of July this year. Our usual tradition for the past few years has been to to go to the Fireworks in the next town over because they have one of our favorite bands, Beatlejuice, playing beforehand. This year, the town decided not to do fireworks because of the economy. I guess I can agree with that. The $35, 000 they were going to put towards fireworks would pay for a teacher's aide or something. The band, however, still planned on playingon Friday night, the 3rd. So we were still going to go. Even though I had to work on the 3rd. (Unlike Hubby who got to have the 3rd off). As usual, in New England the forecast was calling for ..... can you guess? yep, rain. Thunderstorms. Just as an aside......for the entire month of June we had only THREE sunny days. So the band postponed their concert until Sunday night. We're still planning on going. Instead of the concert, we stayed home and ate Chinese Food (very patriotic, yes?) and watched re-runs on TV. Today, for the fourth we had a gorgeous sunshiny day. Quite surprising. Hubby and I stayed home and did nothing. Which was nice. We have a lovely back yard at our condo building and we seem to be the only ones to take advantage of it. Hubby took his paints outside, I brought my book and we had a nice, quiet, pleasant afternoon. Maybe that's the meaning of Independence Day. Enjoying the lovely weather, some quiet time and the company of those you love.

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Kaye said...

Sounds like some tricks are being turned in that formerly empty apartment. jmho anyway for what that is worth. Scoring a 20% raise and a full time job with health insurance in this economy is a coup!
congrats to you.