Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New Office Is Here!

Nice that I have some time to blog tonight since I came home from a "girl's night out" with my daughter and daughter-in-law and can't watch America's Got Talent because the President is doing a news conference. Let's or listen to the president......yep.....blogging wins. So....yes....the new office is done! And the mean, nasty, tail-dragging people in our town's building department finally issued us an occupancy permit. Did you know you must have ALL your landscaping completed before your office can open? Amazing that one day there was dirt and the next day (after a visit from a landscaping company) there are shrubs and flowers and bark mulch. Anyway.....the new office is gorgeous! I will try to remember to bring my camera and take a few pics tomorrow. There is a skylight in the middle....cherry furniture....brand spanking new desks and chairs and carpeting and everything!! Although....I did have to laugh because one of the things we do MOST is make little bound books and they did not buy a new book binding machine. The one we have has a handle that falls off....but that's okay.......our chairs all match. The very best thing is that I will be staying in one place from now on. I actually went to work today without a bag full of items neccessary to work at my job. And...the very, very best thing is that I get to go home for lunch again. No more packing a lunch and sitting inside the lunchroom with no windows. Life is good.

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