Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here are the promised pictures of the new office. Notice the new landscaping. Someone forgot to take the tags off. The travel agency has three desks. We have two full time agents right now and one part time.
This is the MSC (member services counselors) counter. They chose a counter instead of desks. Not sure if I like it because I have to sit in a "high chair" and I haven't mastered the art of getting into it gracefully. (Meaning it slides away as I try to lift my ass onto the seat).
We sell all kinds of great stuff in our travel store. On Saturday Hubby is going to come visit and buy me a "Baggelini" purse as a gift to me to congratulate me on going full time. Thanks Hubby!
There are three financial services cubicles. Two for insurance agents and one for someone doing car loans.
Yes, above the center of the floor is a giant "rotunda-type skylight"! It's awesome! Makes the place so bright and beautiful.

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Lucy said...

I want to come and work there! I love it. And anything that goes with travel.