Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Finally HERE!!

SUMMER! Yes, Summer is finally here in New England. We have had the worst weather I ever can remember. The news said we had three sunny days the whole month of June. And I believe it. We also had rain the first couple weeks of July. But this weekend was beeeeeeeeeeuuteeeeeefull. It wasn't HOT. Hot is 80-90 degrees. Hot means putting on the air conditioning in the living room. Which we haven't done yet. Not once. Hot means coming home and taking a cold shower to get the hot/sticky/humidity off your body. I haven't done that yet either. Hot means using the air conditioner in the car. Not once. Yesterday was mid-70's and SUNNY! The beautiful sunshine we've all been craving. Hubby and I were anxious to be outside, so we went over to Winnekinni Castle which is on the shore of Kenoza Lake. We hiked all the way around the lake....about 2 1/2 hours. It was so relaxing. And today we took out the CANOE! Can you believe it? Finally. We went up to Lake Massabesic, about 1/2 hour from our hours. It was so lovely. Please forgive my lack of photos.....we didn't bring the camera. It was a nice, big lake, and very tranquil. We saw lots of sailboats and a few speedboats. There is no swimming in this lake but we spent about three hours paddling around it and didn't see the whole thing. I finally feel like I had a weekend. It was so invigorating to be outside. I hope the rest of the summer will continue like this. We deserve it!


Woman with kids said...

I went to Massabesic High, had me scared for a minute that I didn't even know we had a lake. Googled it, wrong state. Phew!

Also, this weekend was fabulous, so glad to finally see that warm thing in the sky!! Now bring on the state bird, the mosquito.

Debbie said...

Although that weather sounds wonderful, I think I'll stick with my hot and humid south.