Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stuff 'n' Junk

Rain, rain go away.......or I'm gonna have a friggin' breakdown! Isn't that how the nursery rhyme goes? We had a decent weekend....a lovely Monday (while I was inside a building working) and today it just poured down buckets. Thunder, lightening......the whole ball of wax. And tomorrow is supposed to be a washout! The only good thing about the rain is that I'm not missing working at summer camp yet. I lived through what I thought was the rainiest summer last year ......although this summer has the potential to outdo it.......and was thankful when camp was over. It doesn't seem so bad to have a real grown-up indoor job when it's raining so hard that we discussed building an Ark. *********************************************************** Our upstairs neighbors moved out a couple months ago. I've been waiting with much trepidation to see who would move in.....praying for a nice quiet little couple who don't wear their shoes indoors. A couple of days ago a girl came out of the building next door and apologized for using my parking space (Hubby was in the process of parking his car sideways behind hers so she wouldn't be able to get out.........just to press home the point that you don't park in my space!!!!!) This girl told us that the local amusement park had rented the apartment for some of the workers who would be working there. HUH???? I don't know if she was serious or making something up because she was embarrassed that she took my space. But there's definitely someone up there. And tonight two young (17 years old???) men came out of that apartment and walked down the street. Then 20 minutes later another young man came out and walked the same way. There's still someone up there.......sounds female. What the HELL is going on???? So being the bitch that I am, I sat right down and wrote to the Management Company asking who is living there, and if the story is true about the amusement park renting it, who would be living there and if they were underage are they being supervised??? ************************************************************ It's really, really nice to go to the grocery store right when it opens at 7 in the morning. Nice parking space close to the building.......nobody in your way in the aisles.....no one in line at the checkout. The only negative thing is they have no food out. The deli, meat counter, fish counter and produce section are all empty and workers are just starting to put stuff out at 7am. sigh........nothing is perfect I guess. ************************************************************* The good news is......I was asked to start working full-time when our new office opens in a week or two. I'll get paid for holidays and be offered health insurance....not to mention that my pay will go up 20% for the week. The bad news is..........I'll be working full-time and will have to adjust to not having any days off during the week. Again......nothing is perfect I guess.


Debbie said...

I think you are very wise to look into who is upstairs. I wouldn't want to see you on one of those news shows on TV!

Woman with kids said...

I go through that debate every morning. Yay! I have a job in this bad, bad economy! Boo... I have to get my fat butt out of bed!

SO said...

I would be doing the same thing about the situation with the girl upstairs. That is just weird.

I love going to the store early as well. In fact I'm planning on it tomorrow...after I drop my daughter off for her summer camp.