Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Faith in People Has Taken a Hit

Daughter Jamie came over for a visit today. We had a great time chatting away about everything that's been happening in our lives the past few weeks. We hadn't had too much time to visit recently. After a while, we decided to go outside and grill our dinner. When we got to the backyard, we discovered that someone had stolen our chairs and grill. When we bought them last year, Hubby made a bet with me that they wouldn't last the summer. We live in a condo in ....shall we say....not the very best neighborhood in town. But.....Hubby was wrong. They lasted all summer long. And in the fall, someone in our condo building took them from outside and put them down in the little storage room next to the laundry room. I pulled them out again this year, but we've only grilled once or twice because the weather is so bad. Imagine......two $8 plastic chairs and a little Webber charcoal grill that my brother got us for Christmas. Total worth less than $50. Hubby went over to Kmart and bought another cheap little grill, and Jamie and I pulled my folding lawn chairs from the trunk of the car (where they live year-round). We still had our BBQ. But it makes me sad that someone would just come in and take something like that. They probably didn't even use it. They probably just destroyed it for fun. Now our little BBQ grill has to go in the storage room every time we use it and our chairs have to go back in the trunk. And my faith in people has been tarnished.


Lucy said...

It doesn't surprise me. People will steal anything that isn't nailed down. I just don't understand. If it doesn't belong to 'you' it usually isn't right to take it. Bizarre concept.

Utah Grammie said...

That is so sad..and also so telling. What are we as humans doing to each other? Respect of people and personal property is all but gone. Hopefully, we will get some kind of cosmic kick in the rear hard enough to make everyone stop and take stock of their moral compass..sorry about the loss- be it small in dollars - it's HUGE in confidence in people..