Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Bash

On a blistering hot and humid Sunday afternoon, we celebreted Emily's 2nd birthday. The theme for the day was "Barney" and "Elmo". Emily's Grandmother, Kara's mother, made the Barney cake. Emily chose to enjoy her cake in her own unique way: Emily and her cousin Lilly figured out a way to enjoy her new Crazy Coop together.
Emily held onto that balloon for a long time before she finally let it go up into the trees.
She enjoyed every minute of her birthday party.


elizasmom said...

I love that last picture, because everything about it, from the flushed skin to the all-over hair to the beautiful smile tells me that, yup, she had a wonderful time!

Utah Grammie said...

To be that young, not mind the heat, be able to eat cake with your doesn't get much better than that! beauiful girls!