Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rain, rain.............

So for the second weekend in a row we have the remnants of a hurricane messing up our weekend. I guess it's pretty nasty to complain about it considering there are people who actually were in the path of the hurricanes and no longer have houses........but......... Dammit....I wanted a nice weekend! Is that so much to ask? We had nothing planned today.......nothing! Which means it would have been a great day for canoeing, or hiking, or going to the beach or the mountains. Instead, I am sitting inside doing housework and laundry. Alright....I'm not actually doing any of that yet. I am blogging. But I intend to do those things. Soon. AND....I feel bad because my sons' weekend plans are ruined. I gave each son two tickets to a ball game for their birthdays, including a ticket to the All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet. Then the game became a double-header....they added in fireworks AND!!!! one of the ace pitchers for the Red Sox has been on the DL and was scheduled to pitch at one of these games for his rehab. And now, the game is going to be rained out. Nice birthday gift I gave them, huh? So......Rain, Rain Go Away.......and don't come back for a helluva long time!

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