Thursday, August 27, 2009

Questions in My Head

Some questions I've been contemplating in my head: 1. Why does the UPS guy have to be so weird and wear short-shorts when he has very hairy legs? 2. How come no one noticed that I colored my hair last night? Should I have just left it with the big stripe of gray down the middle? 3. How come everyone shows up at the office the minute I leave for matter what time I go? 4. Where has Big Papi been all season? The Red Sox could have used his ability to hit home runs in the bottom of the ninth. 5. Why do a lot of people think they are the only ones in the world? It's not about YOU PEOPLE! 6. How come when I go grocery shopping the "12 Items or Less" line is snaking around the store....yet when I get to the cashier there's no one behind me? 7. Why is the weather picture-perfect on Monday through Friday, but two weekends in a row we are besieged by the remnants of hurricanes? 8. Am I tempting fate by planning a weekend away on Columbus Day weekend? 9. What am I supposed to watch on TV now between the end of the summer shows and the beginning of the fall shows? 10. What am I going to eat when I go home for lunch??


Lucy said...

I don't know but I'll take that pesky hurricane off your hand any time...night or day. Very. Hot. Here.

Kaye said...

Wow, you really keep those brain cells busy!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh my head hurts just thinking about all of this..I think I'll tackle the lunch question...anything you want! And take your time eating..everyone's at the office anyway :-)

ps..tomorrow will be better - you'll have a hunky UPS guy that actually looks good in shorts, you'll be the first in line..and have only 10 items, you'll dive into a really good book and not care what's on TV..And, you'll have pizza for lunch and it will contain no points, calories AND taste great!

See? Better already, huh?