Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Bliss

One thing I have to say about Hubby.....he sure knows how to make up for it when he screws up. I've been having trouble keeping up with things at the house now that I'm working full-time. It's against my religion to go grocery shopping on the weekends, so I asked (and Hubby offered) to go shopping for me while I was at work Saturday morning. Except he forgot. Apparently, a "hunny-do" list is going to have to be posted on the white board. So I came home from work about 1pm and our cupboards were bare. Really bare. I was not a happy camper. I gave Hubby the long-suffering "fine....I guess I'LL go" but he would have none of that. We had already been planning on going down to Peabody Saturday night to go dancing, so he offered for us to go to Gloucester and Rockport for the afternoon since we were going down that way anyway. Magic words. The ocean. Hmmmm.....let's see. Groceries and laundry vs. the ocean and dancing. Which would you pick? We took a different route on our way to Gloucester this time and it was very pleasant. It was a gorgeous 75-80 degree day, no humidity. Perfect for the beach. We walked along the beautiful waterfront of Gloucester's Inner Harbor. Is anyone familiar with the Old Man of the Sea Statue? It's dedicated to all the fisherman who lost their lives in the ocean outside Gloucester. Along the side of the beautiful waterfront is a path that leads to Stage Fort Park. We climbed up on the rocks and watched the boats.
From Gloucester we drove a little further on to Rockport. This town is a bit more of a tourist attraction. The main attraction is Bearskin Neck, a narrow street that leads to a point overlooking the ocean. There are shops and art galleries of all kinds lining both sides of the street.
There is a lovely beach there. We went out and stuck our feet in the water.
After leaving Rockport we set out to find someplace good to eat. We found the Windward Grille in Essex, MA, just outside Gloucester. I had some very delicious scallops. We changed into nice clothes afterwards in the bathroom so we could go on to our evening's activity.
We love a band called Classmates. They play music from the 60's and 70's. Most often we go see them at a place called Capones. They have a restaurant there - which we did not need considering we were stuffed with seafood - a bar and dance floor.
We had a great time dancing for a couple of hours. I know we're not the best dancers in the world but it really is interesting to watch the other dancers. One of my favorite couples was the guy who jogged in place for literally the whole song. He was dancing with the woman who was apparently doing step aerobics. And the favorite single person was the elderly lady - probably 70ish - who was wearing a black mini-skirt, black hose and heels, a black t-shirt with POW-MIA on the front, and a headband (circa 1964) around her white, curly permed hair. She danced by herself in the corner and appeared to be having a wonderful time.
So Hubby is off the hook. He more than made up for his not shopping. Maybe I should forget the Hunny-do list and see where he takes me next weekend?


tag vennard said...

Don't forget the night of dancing was MY idea too!
i love our time together hunny!

Kaye said...

Every time I read your posts I get more homesick! I just love Rockport. Who wouldn't ? Have a great week.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh my goodness - no contest ! The ocean and dancing :-) Great peaceful shots. Thanks for taking us along :-)

Karen said...

Hi Karen,

Hopped over from Gumbo Writer to see your blog.

Your pics are great! What a wonderful idea instead of going to the grocery! Do you mind if I steal that one for me?

From the southern coast-FL