Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Am I Gonna Watch?

Two of my four Reality Shows had their finales Sunday night. They were showing against each other so of course we had to tape one (yes....I said TAPE. Remember those? We don't have DVR). I chose to watch Celebrity Apprentice since it was a three hour finale. Amazing Race was only an hour. How in the world did Joan Rivers win???? I absolutely can't stand her. I never could. I thought she was an awful comedienne, with her stuttering, hesitant way of delivering a joke. But that's not the reason I thought she shouldn't win. She is a *itch!!! A double *itch! But it was extremely apparent that The Donald favored her. I totally believed Annie when she said that the party planner quit because of Joan's rudeness. I know the "celebrity" Apprentice is really there to garner as much money as possible for their charity. But....the whole premise of the show is that the winner could be an Apprentice in The Donald's companies. Who in the world would want to work for Joan Rivers? When she is so obnoxious and rude? Not me....thank you very much!! As much as Annie annoyed me with her "me, me, me" attitude, I'd rather she won. At least she had some decorum and professionalism. Joan was nothing but a shrew. We watched the finale of Amazing Race last night. The brother and sister, Victor and Tammy, won. They did deserve to win. They were smart and innovative and, after a period of adjustment, they worked well together. I did think they had an unfair advantage in that they could speak Chinese and they spent an unusually long time in China. But that's where the chips fell and they lucked out. I didn't particularly care that Cara and Jamie lost. They were nasty little ladies and not very bright. I'm surprised they made it to the final three. But I was very sad that Margie and Luke didn't win. They really deserved it. They had so much tenacity. Margie was amazing for a woman her age in that she just kept going and going and going. I was proud of Luke that he worked so hard on the final challenge and didn't fall into his crybaby ways. It was just bad luck that he couldn't find the final piece of the puzzle. So now I have Survivor and American Idol left, both of which will be over this week or next. So now what will I watch?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Tune into the Style Channel for some good reality shows. Then there's the new Project Runway copycat on Bravo, I think, and BBC's always good for some interesting shows if you get it. :)

Kaye said...

I'm just glad Jamie and Cara didn't win. Boy, could those two get snarky with each other. Yech! I wish Margie and Luke had won, though.