Friday, May 29, 2009

Hitting Much Too Close to Home

I got an email from Hubby yesterday. The title line said, "Hi Hunny. Layoffs Today!" I knew Hubby would never have informed me he was laid off by email like that, so I wasn't scared that it might be him. But I was saddened by the list of people who got laid off at his company. "A bloodbath" hubby called it. He works for a very small company. Actually I guess it's a pretty big company, but his building is small. Few enough people that he could list who got laid off and then list who was left. I was actually sick to my stomach thinking of those people leaving. People I've met at company cookouts and Christmas parties. People Hubby talks about all the time. People I know who have families and mortgages and responsibilities. Hubby's company has been struggling for about a year and a half. We knew something would come, but there were no was a complete surprise. Hubby was hoping perhaps they'd cut hours or cut pay to save people's jobs. His boss said those ideas were thrown on the table, but the mucky-mucks decided on this course of action. The only bright side......for that Hubby still has his job, and can breath a little easier for the next three months or so. We're thankful the company didn't close his building completely.

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