Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Rest was Better

The rest of our weekend was just wonderful. Sunday morning we slept late again! LOVE IT! Hubby made French Toast (again). Then we got our stuff together and headed up to the campground to visit Mom and Dad, Sis and Brother. Of course it started raining as we left the house and rained all the way up to the campground. But we persevered and it stopped raining about half an hour after we got there. We sat around and chatted.....ate......chatted some more.....ate some more. It was a bit melancholy because this will be the last time my parents and sister camp at this place, where they've been going for 10 or 12 years. But we had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. My Sister made chicken stir-fry for all of us (11 people! On a camping grill!) and of course after dinner they started a campfire and we toasted hot dogs and marshmallows and made s'mores. A very relaxing and fun day. Monday - unbelievably - I had another day off! SWEET! This time I made Hubby cheesy eggs. Then we gathered our things to go canoeing. We went to Harold Parker State Park and canoed for a couple hours. We brought a picnic lunch and managed to get in and out of the canoe without tipping it. After we brought the canoe back to my brother's house (where the canoe lives because we have no way of storing it at our condo), we went to Market Bucket and got fixins for a BBQ. It was cool to "bookend" our weekend with a BBQ. It made it feel so summery! It was a wonderful "mini-vacation" for me. Now I have this week, two days next week, and on Wednesday we leave for our 5-day vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine!


Maggie said...

Sounds like you guys had a fab weekend!! We slept in and ate alot too, LOL. We got a break in the rain late yesterday, but most of the weekend was wet - YUCK!!

peewee said...

you two are so creative!! I consider a mini vacation watching TV for 4 days in a row! I want someone to make me french toast ;)

Val said...

I am so jealous! A mini-vacation! What's that?

And another to look forward to :)

Completely awesome.....have room in your suitcase?