Friday, May 29, 2009

Someone's Been Fooling Around

My brother and his wife have an adorable little dog named Doby. He is a "Puggle" (Pug and Beagle mix).

Isn't he sweet? Recently, Doby's mother gave birth to a very cute litter of 12 puppies. Another batch of Puggles. However, there were 11 puppies with the beautiful tan color you see on Doby. And one puppy that was spotted.

Yes, spotted. Now I wish I'd saved the picture my sister-in-law sent me of the pile of puppies. It was adorable with all those tan puppies and one spotted one in the middle. We discussed how odd it was that every single puppy this dog had had came out tan.......and there's one spotted puppy. The puppy is only 2 lbs. 3 oz. now at 8 weeks old. Much smaller than the other puppies.

It turns out there is another male dog in the house besides the Pug. The other dog is a Chihuahua. Do we see a resemblance?

He's called a "Cheagle".


peewee said...

WHA????? REALLY? can that happen??? HOW CUTE IS HE!!!!!! I hope they keep him!! He is the cutest thing EVER! A cheagle! Perect mix!!

Anonymous said...

I love puppy pictures! They're so sweet!

Me said...

Oops! Too cute still!

SO said...

I had no idea that could happen!!! They are both adorable!