Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's All Over

All the fun is over. My last two Reality Shows had their finales this week. Damn the May Ratings Sweeps! SURVIVOR - A fairly satisfying ending. I hadn't picked JT from the beginning...but of the three left ....JT, Stephen and Erinn.....I would have totally picked JT. I had really wanted Taj to win but the skanks blind-sided her, threw her under the bus, and voted her off early. There is no way to describe in words how happy I was that Coach didn't win. I wasn't even happy with the amount of air-time they gave him in the Reunion Show. And he has a girlfriend? AMERICAN IDOL - Again, the person I picked from the very beginning was voted off earlier and wasn't a contender in the final two. Danny Gokey should have won that competition hands down! Of the two left, Adam or Kris, I totally wanted Kris. Adam is just too weird and out-there and screams too much. He fit right in with KISS. Kris' is a CD I can see myself buying and singing along to loudly in the car (with the windows closed.....because of my singing, not his.) I was very impressed with the finale show....they had so many big stars and big bands it was astonishing. I could have totally done without Black Eyed Peas. What were those black-and-white creatures dancing around behind them? But I loved Rod Stewart. Go figure. So now we have to find some new shows to watch. I'm looking forward to America's Got Talent. But what else is there? "So You Think You Can Dance?" I dont' think so. And "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!".......NEVER!


tag vennard said...

How about MY reality show "INTEGRITY ISLAND"
the person who DOESNT lie or cheat stays on. If you are nice and charitable you will win!

Joan said...

Oh yeah, Kris won, JT won -- all is right with the world! And hey, give SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE a chance. It is my all-time number one favorite TV show, hands down. To see those street hip-hop dancers do breathtaking ballroom or modern dance is just an amazing process to watch. So give it a chance :)

SO said...

Who doesn't love Rod Stewart? I only saw the last ten minutes of the finale so I would know what people were talking about.