Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

Once again we had quite the busy weekend. After a very, very stressful day at work on Friday my Hubby agreed to take me to Chunky's to see "Angels and Demons". The movie was great. Very fast-paced, interesting and fun to watch. Going to Chunky's, however, was a mistake.
We got there 40 minutes before the show started so we could get seated and order our food before the movie started. After waiting a very long time, we found out there was ONE waitress for the whole place. Approximately 100 people fit into that room and the place was packed. A girl sitting near us told us she worked there for six years and that's how they always do it.
Idiots. I won't go there again. It's not worth the aggravation....not to mention the ordering, eating and trying to pay in the dark. In addition to the waitress standing in front of you telling you how much your bill is during the exciting finale of the movie. Next time.....regular movie house for us.
We stayed up to see the last episode of the Tonight show with Jay Leno. I remember seeing the first episode....impossibly 17 years ago. Yikes! The last show was a bit of an anti-climax. Sentimental but not sensational. I want to try to watch Conan's first episode on Monday.....just to say I did.
On Saturday afternoon we went to see my daughter Jamie play in her football game. Jamie caught a touchdown pass and kicked an extra point. We heard the announcer say her name over and over again as she made hits and tackles. She had an outstanding game, but despite her efforts they lost. This loss may have eliminated them from the playoffs.
However, we did bring my niece Laura to the game. We thought it would be great fun for her to watch her female cousin play football. She had a blast...but didn't see even ONE minute of the game! She got snacks at the snackbar, took pictures of the team mascot, the airplanes overhead and even of birds. She went up and down the bleachers about 100 times. She found some "friends" and played with them for most of the second half. I'm glad she had a wonderful time and we had fun being with her.
Finally, on Sunday, we headed up to my sister's house for a big party/cookout to celebrate her daughter's graduation from college and her son's graduation from high school. There was tons of food, tons of family and everyone had a great time.
Only two more days of work before our extra-long weekend away. We leave Wednesday morning for Bar Harbor. I can't wait.


Brillig said...

ONE waitress? What a nightmare!!!

And I LOVE that your daughter plays football. How stinkin' cool is that??

Debbie said...

We don't have a theatre like that around here. I guess that is a good thing!

Maggie said...

Wow, you guys have been busy!!

Yeah, that movie place doesn't seem like much fun at all - after the fact, right? I'll tell you, I love a good movie with my husband, but the older I get, the more I enjoy popping my own popcorn and going upstairs to our mini-movie/game room to order movies on On Demand when the kids are in bed. The WHOLE place all to ourselves... no distractions and no crowds. Now that's my kind of movie! =)