Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu Rant

Okay...this whole post isn't about the Swine Flu......so calm down people. It's about co-workers who come to work sick. WHY? Why do you do that? Especially right now when this whole Swine Flu thing is happening and the President himself said that if you're ill.....STAY HOME!! One wouldn't think that people should have to be told that.......but they do. Yes, my co-worker came in today sick as a dog. She works in a different office on Mondays, and left that office yesterday after she spread her germs to all those people at noontime when she didn't feel good. She actually went to the doctor for a blood test to test for Swine Flu. The doctor thought she probably has a Viral infection. Which I do believe is highly contagious!! She came in today even though she did not have the results of those tests. And our office is a trailer......so you can imagine how closely we are in proximity with each other. Now I am not a germaphobe by any stretch of the imagination. You cannot be a child care worker for 25 years and be afraid of germs. But I do try to keep myself safe from people or places that evoke great waves of illness. I guess what makes me the most angry is that she came in because she's selfish. She's used all her sick days already - most of them not for illness - and she didn't want to take a day off without pay. But by coming in she may have spread her illness - which would force me to use up all the sick days I've been carefully hording. I would desperately like to use my days in June for my vacation and and get paid for them. We disinfected her office after she left......opened the windows.....and I've been bathing in hand sanitizer. Oh I so hope it helps!


Joan said...

I agree with you 100%!! I AM a bit of a germaphobe, and we've just had six cases of Swine Flu reported in our area here in Ohio. I'm trying not to panic and I am definitely carrying hand-sanitizer with me at all times!!

Lucy said...

I think there's a thought out there that if you stay home for ANY reason, somebody at work is there to jump into your place. You have to go in to guard your position. That said, I worked 28 years and I really got sick (no pun) of people coming into work with a bad cold. Because I used to catch them so easily. I used to tell them tactfully...MY HELL GO HOME....but they wouldn't. It will always be like that

Retirement is really nice for lotsa reasons.

Woman with kids said...

Here!Here! Or better yet, stay there! there!

peewee said...

K, I deal with this EVERY SINGLE DAY because people ALWAYS come to class sick. A closed door class with sweaty people and heat. I live on Emergen-c and as of late, cold-eeze or ease...or whatever. I was sick of being sick. I gotta say, the cold-ease works like magic!

But the hand sanitizer...only works against bacteria...not viruses.

Hope you don't catch it!

Amber said...

Eww. Although I've got the benefit of dealing with the sick people when they do decide to stay home.

Val said...

Yuck! Gross!

I totally have a bottle of hand sanitizer at my desk.

And, yes, I would be that freak walking around with a bottle of Lysol, spraying all the door handles in the building.

Maggie said...

Ugh, that is so annoying. I cringe everytime someone sneezes within a mile radius of my desk.

BTW, I edited my last post to include pictures of the new hamper!! =)