Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Winter's Day

Hubby and I are bizarre in that we like going to the beach in the winter. We love the isolation and the beauty and the peace. On Saturday the sky was a bright, brilliant blue and we decided to take a ride to the beach. It was gorgeous...including all the snow. Having both lived all our lives in New England, we dressed for the occasion.
Despite the cold, we had a lovely day. We walked a bit on the beach and picked up more shells to add to our already copious collection. Then we drove over to the center in search of fried dough. The only places open were selling pizza. I suggested we drive further up the beach to Hampton and nothing was open there. Then Hubby just...........kept driving. And driving. "We'll just go up to the next curve" he'd say and then keep going. I didn't mind. It was beautiful. Anyone who's driven along the coast from Salisbury through Hampton and Rye and beyond knows it's well worth the ride. We turned around at Wallis Sands and headed home. It was beginning to get dark, so I caught the sunset on a drive-by.


tag vennard said...

we also visited the Whistler house museum in lowell that weekend. I love our mini adventures hunny

Kaye said...

Hi Karen, I have given you the Butterfly Award so stop by my blog and pick up the logo award & etc