Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is There Any Intelligent Life Out There?

We have a local newspaper that comes out once a week. It's been in town's called The Salem Observer. Townies love getting this newspaper because it's all about us.....our kids, our selectman, our schools. When my kids were in sports I made sure I got it every week because the person who wrote the sports articles always made sure every kid got their name in there and also made sure each thing they did was, "awesome, outstanding, unbelievable!" Just what a hometown paper should be. Recently, another group came along and started a newspaper in Salem. They call it the Salem Community Patriot. This paper is part of a conglomerate that has weekly papers in many small towns. It comes to us for free right in my mailbox, so of course I read it. Let me tell you...I read it for the laughs. Because this is the worst-written newspaper I've ever seen in my life. Full of typos, grammar mistakes....and best of all.....a reporter (who I won't name in case she reads this and then I'll get sued) who writes like she's in second grade. Not only the bad spelling and grammar, but she adds in all her own little tidbits and opinions. This week the front page headline was this: The article then went on to say "the topics included information on the United States, zones and maps, states, cities, world geography, and odd questions for the championship round." Really? You need to know about states and cities for a GEOMETRY BEE??? I'm going to have to write to the editor on this one. I just can't help myself.


Kaye said...

When they have the Math Bee, you can tell them you can find Iowa on the map and name the longest river in the US! I thought our local paper was pitiful. Today's front page (2/3 of the whole page) is about the annual tractor pull!Now, that there is plum excitin'.. Like there is nothing going on in the world! Sheeeesh.

Debbie said...

You gotta love those small papers. Ours drives my kids insane for these same reasons.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I swear, I am a very hands-off parent; this college admissions stuff has thrown me for a loop!

If you check the box on your Blogger profile page to make your e-mail public, I can reply directly to your comments.

Joan said...

Gee, I love the Salem Observer to this You should send that new newspaper's headline and story into Jay Leno -- he loves those faux pas! (faux pas's? faux pas'? Shoot - was I ever really an editor?? LOL)