Friday, January 16, 2009

Salad Bar Hoopla

Here's how incredibly pathetic I am. I wrote a letter to Shaw's complaining about the salad bar. Rather than relating the whole sorry experience to you, I will let you read my letter: Hi, I live right across from Shaw's in Salem and it's my Friday treat once a month to go and get a salad from their salad bar. I went today and was very disappointed in the selection of foods available to make my salad. The fun of making a salad bar salad is getting all the extra "treats". Today there were no nuts, no raisins, no dried fruit, no sunflower seeds and no feta cheese. All the things I like the best! It's not that the containers weren't seems as if those items were taken out completely. Usually I build a salad that costs $5-$6. Today's salad was only $3.12! Very disappointing. Please ask the produce department at the Shaw's in Salem to put all the yummy extras back into their salad bar! I told you I'm pathetic! So I sent the letter to Shaw's corporate office and received one of those manufactured responses thanking me for my input and promising I would hear from them within 24 hours. I sent the letter yesterday I'll be anxiously awaiting my email in the next few hours.....right?


Kaye said...

There is always hope, Tootsie. you never know. I I actually called a company the other day to complain about their food being touted as restaurant quality- a joke! The woman at the company apologized profusely and is sending me a coupon for a free replacement. Okay, I feel better now! Hope you get some satisfaction. Sometimes it pays to vent.

tag vennard said...

But when you complain, why do they give you more and free?