Saturday, January 31, 2009


January is the boring-est month of the year. The weather in New England has been crap. Our Patriots are not in the Super Bowl....they didn't even make the playoffs so we've been without football for a looooooong time. Our next vacation isn't until June. Life is boooooring. So what's been going on?
*I babysat Emily yesterday. She truly is the happiest baby ever. She did a couple things that just cracked me up. I was lying on the floor on my stomach and she was sitting in front of me. I looked up at her over the tops of my glasses. She looked at me funny, reached over, and with one finger pushed my glasses back up so they sat correctly on my face! I just cracked up. She also hugs and kisses everything now. She was sitting in her highchair and I asked her if she liked her Cheerios. She picked one up and said "ohhhhhhh" as she hugged it to her chest, then kissed it with a giant "muuuahhh"!
*Our new/old kitty cat Oreo has been having a barfing problem. After extensive online research, I decided it was probably hairballs since he is an extremely furry cat. So I've dedicated myself to brushing him often and I bought some IAMS Hairball Control cat food. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you updated. I'm sure you want to know. *I had to go to a different office yesterday for training. It's only a couple miles away but it's straight down a major road with tons of lights and it took me a half-hour. It gave me a new appreciation for the fact that I work 3 minutes from my house. The training was the usual......just about useless. The trainer is a wonderful woman....but she likes to talk (her grandson is the same age as my grand-daughter) and we spent approximately 3 1/2 hours talking and 1/2 hour on actual training. Sounds like fun but I would have appreciated the actual training. *This afternoon we're going up to my Aunt Izzy's son Michael's house and everyone who wants furniture is coming up with their various trucks and vehicles to pick things up. I'm really happy about it and so is Aunt Izzy. We are getting rid of couches, tables, lamps, chairs, mirrors, cabinets, mattresses. There will only be a very few things left. Hurray! *Since the Pats are not in the Superbowl we are not getting together with anyone for a party. I did buy stuff to make nachos for Hubby and I since we will watch it. We are Americans, after all. Besides, we all know that the best part is the commercials and maybe Bruce Sprinsteen at halftime.


Kaye said...

Superbowl without the Pats, SUCKS! yes, even after 10 years in FL we still root for them.

Debbie said...

Kissing cheerios? Now they should put that in their commercial!

The Calico Quilter said...

Emily sounds like an absolute doll. Now, on to the less appealing stuff - is your cat barfing, well, barf, or hair? It's pretty easy to see the hair globs in the throw-up, and if that's the problem, pet stores have several varieties of hairball remedy. It's basically really good tasting grease that makes everything, how to put this delicately, pass easier.