Friday, January 9, 2009

French Toast Alert!!

I was reading an article in a local paper and they had some of the things that their writers were blogging about. One of them commented that a "French Toast Alert" was coming. Since I love French toast and Hubby makes the best, I was intrigued. Turns out the person was talking about the phenomenon that happens every time there is a snowstorm in New England. Or even the threat of a snowstorm. Every single person in the world rushes to the grocery store to get milk, eggs and bread. Because God knows you can't live without milk, eggs and bread. How would you make your French Toast in the morning?? This phenomenon has always intrigued me. Are they serious?? Do they really think that even the biggest storm isn't going to be cleaned up in a matter of hours? With all the storm predicting technology these days, we know the storms are coming days ahead of time. The DPW is ready and waiting with sanders and salters and snowplows. You WILL get out people!! You will not starve to death in your homes.....trapped like rats inside houses piled so high with snow that you can't get the front door open. Seriously. I do remember when I was a kid (many many years ago) we had the "Blizzard of '78. Anyone living in New England at the time remembers it. It was not forecast....somehow the weathermen missed the biggest storm New England had seen in decades. People were actually stranded on the highways in their cars. Schools were cancelled for a week (hurray!) and roads were closed. But guess what? We did not starve! We ate what was in the cupboards for a day or two, then walked to the store to pick up a few groceries. We lived without fresh bread, milk and eggs......sadly without French Toast.....but we made it through! They are predicting 3-6 inches of snow on Saturday night. I can guarantee you the grocery stores will be packed tomorrow with even more than the usual Saturday mayhem. I'm going to avoid it and stay home.....even if it means no French Toast for me on Sunday.


Debbie said...

I hate going to the grocery around here even when they are predicting just a flurry. People go insane. And we haven't had a real snow in about 5 years.

Kaye said...

Blizzard of '78 brings back the memories, a lot of Gov. Dukakis riding the subway in his sweater saying people should not be out driving around. One day at Angelos (local grocery) the bread delivery man was practically mobbed when he came in with the delivery. Like you said, the mentality is we shall never see bread again if we don't get it now. Most people have the makings of it at home and if they do get to the store and there is no bread, buy yeast. What's the big deal? People were skiing down our street to get to the local convenience store. Oh, I do not miss snow at all!

Joan said...

Oh, Karen, Ohio is even worse! The mere mention of "possible flurries" sends Ohioans into a tailspin -- the grocery stores jam and people start driving 35 mph on the highway -- in preparation! And we both know it's all the non-NH'ites who are clogging the stores pre-snow storm. True NH folks are way too smart and too harty to fall for that! LOL