Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After

Like most other people, I was glued to the TV (as much as I could be considering I was working) yesterday as our new President took the oath of office. And like a lot of others, I had a feeling of intense patriotism as I watched such a historic event. The commentary will go on for a while as we watch how the new President adjusts to his office. We'll also be watching Michelle, Malia and Sasha as they become new residents of the White House.
And that's what I'd like to comment upon today. Sure, Barack is giving the country new hope.....but in my book, it's Malia and Sasha who are giving ME new hope.
I've become somewhat disenchanted with some children in the past ten years or so. Call me old-fashioned (it's okay....I know I am) but I believe children have changed immensely in this new generation. Parents have allowed them to become self-centered and allow them to "be themselves" to the point where no one else can stand to be around them. I was a child care provider for most of my life. The biggest reason I had to change direction was because I couldn't deal with children's behavior anymore......or parents' reaction to my attempts at discipline. You know what I'm talking about.
Along comes Milia and Sasha......6 and 10 years old. And although we've had limited access to seeing them, from what I've seen so far I've liked. They are young ladies. They know how to behave. They dressed up in fancy clothes and sat outside in the cold to see their father take the oath of office. Most parents can't even get their kids to dress up (that always drives me crazy when parents say that .... who's the parent here?? If I want you to dress up, dammit, you will!) and sat through boring speeches and long prayers and old ladies singing and reciting poems.....and not a peep out of them! How many parents would be able to get their kids to do that!
And what I loved the best was that after the parade, Malia and Sasha went home to watch a movie and go to bed......they weren't paraded out with their parents to the Inaugural Balls. That drives me crazy when parents bring kids to grown-up events, keep them up way past their bed-time and then expect them to behave. Malia and Sasha went to bed, and even got up and went to school today......which is where they should have been.
I hope parents today are watching Barack and Michelle's parenting skills.....and choose to copy them as much as they copy Michelle's hairstyle or the way she dresses. If the President wants the country to change......that would be a good place for people to start.


Debbie said...

You are so right. I think there appears to be a lot to admire about that family.

Kaye said...

Good point about the parenting skills.

On another note, I'm surprised I haven't seen an entry from you on my contest. For one entry you need to come up with a caption for the penguin pics that are up now. This is right up your alley, kiddo! With your with and sense of humor, it'll be a snap and one of the 5 books will be picked from the captions entries.

Kaye said...

Well, aren't you just the funny lady today! Love the caption. I knew you would come up with a good one.
Take care and stay toasty up there in the frost.
Penguins lovers unite!