Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is IT!......or so we thought

Last night we got the call. I hear Hubby answer and say "oh, your car broke?"......"OH, your WATER broke!" He was talking to his daughter Wendy, who's due date is September 15. She explained that she'd called the doctor and he said to wait for contractions and then come in. Hubby got off the phone and we started talking about how Noah Frank's birthday would be August 30, he'd be a Virgo. He'd be the same birth month as our grand-daughter Emily so my "Grandma Ring" would have two stones of the same color. How convenient was this going to be.....we'd have the long weekend to go visit at the hospital and probably be there when Noah Frank came home. At 10pm Hubby called and Wendy said they had just arrived at the hospital. She thought she might be having contractions but wasn't sure. Somehow, Hubby and I slept. When his phone beeped at 8 this morning with a text message, we were both so excited we couldn't read what it said. The first words.....false alarm! Apparently Noah kicked her bladder........... She was sent home around 2am. I guess it's good practice for her to stay up all night....she's going to have to get used to that. Another week or two of waiting I guess. sighhhhhh

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Anonymous said...

How exciting!

Is this her first baby? I seem to remember (from a LONG time ago) that the water breaking was a completely different sensation than a little accident from being kicked in the bladder.