Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hubby's Family Reunion

We went to Hubby's family reunion yesterday. The whole family is very musical, so after everyone has had a chance to visit for a while, and has eaten the first round of food, the "band" gets up to play. The band had a list, but requests were honored. Sometimes the band changes over the afternoon as different people get up and play, but this time it stayed pretty much the same. On the left playing bass is Tag's cousin's son Danny. In the back playing drums is one of Tag's favorite cousins, Ricky. In front playing lead guitar is his brother Doug. Both Ricky and Doug are part of a band called D-Tor that has evolved from other bands over the years. And playing keyboard is my own sweet musician, Tag.

It's fun to see the love Tag has for his cousins. Like a lot of us, there were several around the same age who grew up together, slept over each other's houses, created "rock bands" together and generally had fun.

These two little guys are Ricky's grandsons. They are cousins - Zack and Patrick. They had a blast racing around on a big wheels. Hopefully they are making memories that only cousins can share.
I couldn't resist this photo of Patrick trying to eat his hotdog. It started out in a bun but he couldn't quite get his mouth around it and, after it fell on the floor twice, he just decided it would be easier to eat it without the bun!

As the day turned into evening the band started playing some fan favorites and everyone got up to dance on the garage floor. A good time was had by all, including Tag's cousin Cindy.

All this makes me excited about my family's reunion, which is coming up on September 7. We started the reunion about 15 years ago - oddly enough, as the result of a funeral. When my Uncle Joe passed away, I met up with cousins I hadn't seen in years. We sat there and lamented the fact that we only saw each other at funerals. My cousin Francine and I decided something should be done about that, and we started our family reunions. At the time, I was working at the town beach, which closes on Labor Day. They let me have it for free on the first Sunday afterwards, and it has been at that same date and place ever since. I'm looking forward to it as usual -although even more so this year because cousins will be coming from Ohio whom I haven't seen since I was a kid. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures!

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