Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Pottery is Finally Here!

This is the whole collection. Some of it came out nicer than I thought it would.....some not so much!The mug hubby waited for!! I used letter punches to make his name all over the mug. Then I dipped in brown glaze and dipped just the rim in white glaze.My favorite piece. I used a piece of chain to make the design. I like the "blue jean" color of the glaze, and the brown rim is just a result of how the glaze fired in the kiln.The same glaze was used on this piece. I don't know if you can see the same brown edges. This is a votive candle holder (in case you weren't sure what it was!) This wasn't done on the wheel. It was done with flat pieces of clay that I rolled out on a big table with a roller and then cut. I used the extra heart-shaped cutouts from the candle holder to decorate this bowl. This was my favorite color glaze....raspberry.
I just wanted to show the detail on this bowl. We actually went outside and got leaves, stuck them on the bowl and used one color glaze and let it dry. Then we took the leaves off and used a different color glaze to make a contrast. Mine didn't come out very contrast-y....I wish I'd used something more dramatic so it would have shown up better.And this poor piece is the black sheep of the bunch. It's the first piece I decided to keep and even though I often tried to get rid of it later, the teacher kept telling me I'd love it once it was glazed! The colors on the inside are bits of glass that actually melt during the firing. Unfortunately the bowl was so crooked all the colors just oozed to one side. I guess I love it like only a mother can love her ugly child!!


tag vennard said...

I love them all, and I love my new mug! our place is more beautiful with all the new "children"

Heidi Lou said...

Hi Karen

Very nice pottery!

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I hope you come back to visit again. Tomomrrow I'l probaby post another picture or two of my counted cross stitch. I'm getting to the fun part!

Heidi Lou

Joan said...

Karen! Love your pottery! You did a really great job. Like you, I'm lovin' the blue cup - and the chain design. Will you be going back for more classes??