Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quiet Days

The past three days have been pretty quiet. I guess you could say it's been an extension of my vacation. School started today in Salem, but of course I knew that wouldn't mean I'd be working right away. No one is going to take a day off on the first day of school! I figure it'll be at least next week before I work. This year they started a new sub-calling system. In the past it's been one woman who takes in all the calls from teachers and then calls in all the subs. A massive undertaking. This year they are using a company that puts a lot of the responsibility onto the subs. The teachers go onto the website and put in their absence, then the subs go on the web site to see which assignments are available.....first come first serve. It's going to be great for the subs because we can be pro-active.....but I don't see how it's really going to work for the teachers because I'm sure there will be some teachers and programs that will never get a sub. It'll be interesting to see how it goes as the school year progresses. Monday was a beach day. We had planned it ahead so naturally when we got up the weather was pretty iffy and the weather report said possible thundershowers. But that didn't stop us! We had two, my mom, my sister, her two daughters and her son and his friend. We got to the beach and had no sooner paid the parking fee and grabbed all our stuff and started walking than it started to rain! It rained for exactly three minutes and that was it for the whole day! The sun came out in the afternoon and we had a wonderful time. Tuesday I babysat all day. It was a teacher day for my DIL, so I got there 7am and stayed until about 2:30. Of course my grand-daughter was wonderful. We had such fun playing with her toys, then after her nap I took her outside. We both loved it. Today daughter Jamie came over and we walked across the street to Shaw's and got their yummy salad bar. We just sat and chatted and enjoyed catching up on stuff. It's probably going to be like this for the rest of the week. You'd think I'd be enjoying the time off, but I get restless. I want to DO something. I just don't know what!

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