Sunday, August 24, 2008

Building an Armoire

I finished building my Hubby's new armoire. We bought it at Wally-world and it came in a very, very heavy box. I put it together myself just because my Hubby didn't think I could do it!! Hubby was resistent about getting a new armoire because he thought it was okay that his bureau looked like this:

Yes, that is an old bureau and all the drawer fronts broke off. Hubby took the drawer fronts and made them into shelves. Nice....for a guy. Personally......not so nice. The instructions were all in pictures.....I guess for idiots.....but I thought it would have been more helpful if there were a few words giving some directions.

Let me assure wasn't as much fun as this picture makes it look: The finished product:It looks much nicer now:AND ....BONUS!! I got Hubby to throw a few things away!!

It took me 3 hours and 20 minutes to put it together. I looked on the directions to see if it would say how long it was supposed to take but it didn't say. I'm thinking a little over 3 hours ain't that bad!

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tag vennard said...

FOR THE RECORD the pile of clothes I approved to throw away was a LOT smaller than your picture shows!But Im proud of you hunny 3 hr 20 min is a fine job and I love my new armoire!