Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We spent the second day of our "staycation" in Boston. One of the things we've been wanting to do this summer is visit the Museum of Science because their special exhibit right now is all about baseball.
We left the house at 9:30 am. I convinced Hubby to drive right into the city instead of taking the train. The train would have cost us $30 round trip. The parking garage that is attached to the Museum is $17.50. It was an easy drive in, and the museum is right off the highway. Our library has Museum passes, so we paid $5 apiece to get in instead of $19 each.
The baseball exhibit was amazing. It took us almost two hours to go through it. They had everything .... old equipment, programs, all kinds of memorabilia, photos, etc. They also had the scientific explanations for why the equipment has changed over the years and how the athletes have worked to become so much better. They had fun stuff like putting your face in a catcher's mask to see how the catcher sees a pitch coming and throwing a ball at a pitching machine to see how fast your fastball is. (Mine isn't fast at all!)
After the baseball exhibit we went through most of the rest of the museum. The place is so huge, and gives you so much information you could stay there for days. And that doesn't even count the fact that they have the Omni theater and the Planetarium for additional fees.
The whole place reminds me of Boston itself. The strange thing about Boston is that the old and new are side by side. There'll be a modern skyscraper a few feet away from a building built in the 1700's.
The museum is the same. There are exhibits there that are the same since I brought my kids there 20 years ago. And of course they have lots of new stuff. My favorite thing besides the baseball exhibit is the whole section showing how a baby grows inside its mother. This exhibit has been there forever and is exactly the same. But I love it.
After the Museum we took the T to Quincy Marketplace. We ended out having dinner at a place called the Purple Shamrock. I had a fisherman's platter and Hubby had a salad with steak tips. Both were delicious.
We walked over to the waterfront near the Aquarium where they now have Christopher Columbus Park and we happened to stumble upon a concert being given. We stayed to listen for a bit.
It might be hard to see that there is an orchestra in the middle of that mess, and the boats in the background are on Boston Harbor.
Then we walked back through Quincy Marketplace, down to the Boston Common and into the Public Garden. Everthing was so pretty.

Walking through the Common we went past the famous Frog Pond.

You can see why it's named that:

In the summer the kids can go wading in it and in the winter it's used as a skating rink.

We took the T back to the museum to get our car and got home around 8pm. We're tired but we had a great time.

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