Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Day of Rest

Yes, I actually wrote on our calendar - "Day of Rest" - for today. Our three day vacation was fun but very busy, and the beginning of our weekend was just the same, so we need our day of rest now. 10:30 and Hubby is still sleeping, despite my attempts to get him up, so I figured I could catch up on computer stuff. Friday night we went to brother John's house for a cookout and a visit. Always a fun time. John is the best cook ever....his chicken and steak tips off the grill were five-star restaurant quality. Usually we watch a movie or a football game or something together, but this time we mostly sat and talked, watched one episode of a TV show they wanted us to see, and some Olympics. It was a very enjoyable time. Saturday was a two-fer. We were invited to the house of a guy Hubby works with - Don - to have a meal and for Tag to play guitar so Don could sing. They ended out inviting half their family as well, so it was a little weird but we ate and had some songs and everyone seemed happy. Saturday night we had planned to go dancing with our favorite group, The Classmates. They play 60's and 70s music. We had a great time dancing and singing. So today is a rest day. I bought Hubby a new armoire from Wally-world. He chuckled when I said I could assemble it myself, so now I will prove to him I can do it. (If he ever gets out of bed.) Besides that it'll be reading the paper, puttering....maybe some cross-stitch....and watching the closing of the Olympics tonight. Question: We watched the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, right? Which means it was their Saturday morning. So I understand we were watching it on tape. However, it was night-time there during the ceremony, which means they must have done the ceremony in Bejing on Thursday night. So was it still 8-8-08 for THEM? huh??? Help!

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