Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Lovely Day

Since camp ended we've had nothing but gorgeous days....sunny, warm...perfect. Go Figure! Not that I'm complaining about nice weather, but a few more days of sunnyness during camp season would have been nice. Anyway, today was another of those gorgeous days. Hubby and I didn't do much of anything on Saturday so we decided we needed to get out today. There was a Folk Festival in Nashua, right up the road, so we decided to go. We called daughter Jamie to tell her we'd be right down the street from her - would she like to come with us to the folk festival? Not her cup of tea, but she said call her after and maybe we could go visit. So we went to Greeley Park in Nashua. It was a really nice venue. A grassy hill facing a big stage that looked like it was designed for concerts. The place was huge with lots of ball fields, etc. We found a spot on the grass and sat back to listen to the "folk music". The first band was named the Rockin' Road Dogs. hmmmmm...not exactly folk music. They were more blues/rock than I liked. We listened for a while then took a walk around the park, then called Jamie and took her to Panera Bread for an early supper. Hubby offered ice cream but we were too full. We went back to her place and had a nice visit. At 6pm, we went back to Greeley Park because there was an artist we wanted to hear....or actually to see. His name was Brian Bergeron, and it just so happens there's a guy in our building named Brian Bergeron and he's a musician. We were extremely curious to know if this Brian was the same Brian. Turns out it wasn't. We spent some more time exploring the park, then went back to hear the last musician. I thought he was the best of the bunch, but we left about halfway through his set. On the ride home I got a text message from Jamie. "Is it time for ice cream yet?" We were about halfway home but Hubby did an instant U-turn when he heard the word ice cream and went back and picked Jamie up to go to DQ. We sat at the picnic table outside and shivered while we ate and had a grand time telling stories about our respective camps. We're home now at 9:30pm. A long day but so wonderful to be outside, hear some music, visit with my daughter and eat both a yummy supper and some delicious ice cream. Hubby wants about a month of these days.......and so do I.

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