Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weatherman was Right!

Amazingly, the weatherman was right about this weekend. Sometimes I really think they predict a "gorgeous holiday weekend" to entice people into making plans when the weather is really going to be awful. It stimulates the economy. But in this case, the weatherman had it right. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I had volunteered to go up to the summer camp I'll be working at to do some painting. Turns out we didn't paint. The floating docks are made out of wood, and the plan was to sand them down and paint them. So many of the boards were going to have to be replaced because they were rotted it was decided it wasn't worth repairing. Instead we are going to put some kind of wood called "composite" that is kind of like a wood/plastic mix....I think! It's permanent and never has to be painted. So instead of painting, we took all the boards off the docks. I got to use an electric screw gun, which was kind of fun! While we were waiting for the decision to be made about the docks, we sat around and talked. I met the new Sports Director, Jaime. He seems like a riot and I think will liven things up around camp. When I got home, Hubby and I decided to find a state park and go spend the rest of the afternoon. We found Harold Parker State Park in Andover, MA. I think I might have actually been there before to go cross-country skiing. There's a campground and little pond called Berry Pond where you can go for day trips. It was a cute little place...lots of people there. We brought some reading material, drinks and our little grill. We read for a while in the sunshine, then took a walk along the path that led all the way around the pond, then cooked our burgers. A perfect day! It's beautiful again today and the decision has to be made.....another State Park or the beach?? Decisions, decisions.

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Joan said...

Oh my gosh - you brought memories back with that one -- Harold Parker! Jeff grew up close to that park and we used to go "parking" Ahhh...the good ol' days. I'd completely forgotten about that park. It is a gorgeous park!