Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Stuff

Today is Thursday......which means it's almost Friday...thank God! It's been kind of a blah week. Monday I subbed for special ed at the middle school. It was fine.....three or four kids in each period and doing math and Language Arts. Unfortunately, the math was too hard for me but I went to a math teacher down the hall and she helped me! Does anyone know how to find the volume of a cylinder? I do! Tuesday I babysat in the morning...always a pleasure! In the afternoon, though, I had to go to the dentist. It was the second visit for him to do work to put in three crowns. Last time he did two teeth in 45 minutes, so I figured for the one final tooth, maybe 30 minutes? It was well over an hour. I thought the drilling would never end. That's a long time to stay white-knuckled. It always wipes me out so I kind of vegged for the rest of the afternoon. Wednesday I did not get called in to sub. I was kind of mad because I found out today that a secretary was out and they'd called in another sub. Her name is Maryann and I worked with her last week and she's a very nice lady but she pisses me off because she's taking the secretarial sub jobs I like to do! Not fair to dislike her because of that....but I do. So I spent the day cleaning, cross-stitching and shopping...which I can ill afford to do. I only bought some plastic chairs to sit outside with. I live in a condo building but it has nice grassy grounds and we've been using them. In fact, we had a BBQ supper last night to break in the new chairs. Hubby is nervous they'll get stolen......if they do, it'll be an $18 lesson for me. But I made him a bet they'd still be there by the end of the summer. Today subbing in special ed again. And tonight hubby and I are babysitting. He doesn't get to see the baby very often and misses her tremendously, so we told son and DIL that we'd be happy to babysit any time. We'll get there early enough to have about 2 hours before she goes to bed. And tomorrow I babysit in the morning. I love babysitting on Fridays. It makes me think my week ends on Thursday.

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