Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hot Topic

Here is my answer to the hot topic question in our newspaper this week: Should children be allowed to carry their cell phones in school? Children should absolutely NOT be allowed to have cell phones in school. I am a substitute teacher and they are the bane of our existence. Students have them out constantly to text each other, check the time, check their messages, and do not pay attention in the classroom. They should leave them at home. The worst part is, I've worked at the high school in a secretarial position and have had parents stand in front of me and call their child while they are in the classroom to let them know they're being dismissed. Principals and secretaries are over-run with paperwork when students are referred for discipline. There are too many other things that staff have to focus on rather than spend any extra time dealing with cell phone issues. When a staff member sees a cell phone, whether being used or not, they should be able to confiscate it and make the parent come in and pay a fine before they can get it back.

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Joan said...

I can't even begin to understand why schools don't have this rule already! I'm not sure about a fine, but if working parents have to leave work to come pick up a phone, they'll get the idea quick enough. It's beyond me when cell phones became a necessity for children! Do the schools still have pay phones??