Friday, May 16, 2008

Pepere Babysits

Last night was babysitting night for Memere and Pepere. Unfortunately we did not have the camera, which was a shame because there would have been some priceless pictures! It was son Doug's 30th birthday yesterday (30!!!! WHAT???) so he and his brothers and sisters went out to a minor league ball game and then out to eat. Tag and I have been wanting to go over and babysit because Tag really gets no time with Emily. So we volunteered and went over about 4 o'clock to spend some time with her before she went to bed. Emily put on quite a show for her Pepere. He hadn't really seen her crawl too much yet, and hadn't seen her pull herself up to stand. She not only did all that, but she showed him how she can climb all the way up the stairs.....over and over and over again! Pepere said he was quite tired by the end of that! Tag brought his guitar and Emily just loves it. Of course, it's more fun to bang on it and listen to the hollow wooden sound it makes than it is to play's hard to strum the strings when you're only 9 months old. But she watched in fascination while he played. He gave her a little background music while she was eating and there were several times when I had to call her attention back to her food....which is pretty unusual for Emily! She really kept us entertained and we hated to put her to bed. She only went in a little late....but that's what Memere and Pepere are for!

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