Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a wonderful, but very busy, weekend. Friday night we went to an open mic called Five Star Friday. We enjoy going to these and hearing new people. Often there are the "regulars" but there are always new people. Tag and I sang "The Circle Game" by Joanie Mitchell, and "Grandma's Feather Bed" by John Denver. Tag accompanied both on his ukulele. His friend Don has come with us the last two times and he sang while Tag accompanied him on guitar. It was an enjoyable evening. Saturday was a crazy day. We got up early and made food for my Dad's birthday party. I made stuffed mushrooms and Tag made sushi...his first attempt. Both came out pretty well. We had to run around a bit before we got to my parents' house.....we picked up a cake at Market Basket and my father's chicken wings at Walmart. We got there around noon and had a really fun day with all my family. Poor little Emily though....her Mom couldn't be there so she came with just my son. She's just started getting some stranger anxiety and she got really upset at the houseful of strange people. It took her a little while to calm down, but she did finally settle in and we all had fun with her. My dad enjoyed his party...his brother was here from Arizona so that made it more special. After the party we went up to Manchester to watch Jamie play football. It was another blowout game 68-0. It's fun to have a blowout when you're on the winning side! Jamie caught a phenomenal pass and ran it in for a touchdown. She also kicked about 5 extra points. My son Nicholas and his girlfriend Kelly were there, which made it that much more fun. Sunday was Mother's Day, but since we'd seen the whole family Saturday, it was decided that that would "count" for our Mother's Day visit. So hubby Tag indulged me the whole day and made my Mother's Day very special. It was so gorgeous out we decided to go out, so he went online and found Winnekinni Castle in Haverhill which had hiking trails. We went there and hiked for over two hours! It was the perfect weather...sunny but cool. There's a lake in the middle - Kenoza Lake - and we walked all the way around it. After that we were going to visit his mother, who lives in Westford, which just happens to be the town where the best ice cream place is...Kimball's. So we HAD to go there! Then we visited his mother and then went home to watch the Survivor finale. At my request, Tag made my favorite fried chicken for supper, and I had an enjoyable three hours watching my favorite show. I was very disappointed at the outcome though! I'd like to know exactly who voted for Parvati and why! I was rooting for Cerie, and when she got voted out I was sure it would be Amanda who would win. Oh well.

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