Friday, May 2, 2008


Yesterday I made four batches of chocolate chip cookies. That's about 16 dozen. The bag says each batch makes 5 dozen, but that's if you make the cookies bite-sized. I think I did pretty good getting 4 dozen out of each batch. I made the cookies for my friend Tracy who is running the bake sale at a walk-a-thon for Breast Cancer. Last year she walked but it took up so much of her free time in order to train for it, she didn't think she could do that she donated her time in another way by organizing the bake sale. Because it was for the bake sale, I made little bags of six cookies each, tied with a pink ribbon. My friend Gail also donated a couple dozen peanut butter cookies and I wrapped those up as well. I was a very good girl....I only ate the bits and pieces that broke off from some of the cookies....and I didn't break them on purpose! My house still smells like baking..........mmmmmmmmm.


tag vennard said...

your darling husband got----NOTHING!!!!!

Joan said...

Hey, I didn't even get an invite over for a cup of tea?!? Mmmm.. I can almost smell the cookies from here!